Dr. Kumar isn’t just another politician. He's a dedicated doctor who has touched countless lives, a successful small business owner, and a relentless community activist committed to making a difference. Every contribution brings us a step closer to a more inclusive and forward-thinking representation.

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Dr. Kumar is deeply committed to representing the diverse voices of his district in Washington D.C. Drawing from his extensive experience as a medical professional and community leader, his vision prioritizes the real-world needs and aspirations of Michiganders. He aims to bridge the gap between policy and practice, ensuring that every legislative decision reflects the best interests of Michigan’s 10th district. For Dr. Kumar, it's not just about representation; it's about crafting solutions that drive meaningful change and elevate the quality of life for all in his district.
Dr. Kumar, with over three decades of medical experience in the 10th Congressional District, has firsthand knowledge of the gaping flaws in our healthcare system. As a Surgeon and Urologist, he pledged upon his graduation from Wayne State University to "do no harm." However, he soon realized the harsh truth: our healthcare structure is designed to prioritize the medical industry, its CEOs, and stakeholders, often neglecting the needs of the patients.

Despite the U.S. leading the world in medical expenditures, it only ranks 15th in patient medical outcomes. It's a paradox that in the world's wealthiest nation, a vast majority still grapple with accessing quality healthcare. Shockingly, medical debt burdens over 100 million Americans, accumulating to an astounding 88 billion dollars. Every year, more than 500 thousand citizens declare bankruptcy due to medical-related expenses.

For Dr. Kumar, it's high time for change. He passionately argues that quality and affordable medical coverage isn't a luxury but a right for every American. This includes full prescription coverage, expanded Medicaid for those living paycheck to paycheck, a robust and fully funded VA system for our Veterans, and introducing a Medicare-based public option to spur genuine competition in the healthcare sector.

Driven by a mission to reform and restructure, Dr. Kumar's endgame is clear: ensure comprehensive healthcare for every citizen and dismantle any system that places special interests over the welfare of the patient.
Dr. Kumar stands resolutely for a woman's right to make choices about her own body. He firmly believes in reproductive healthcare freedom, asserting that every woman possesses the undeniable autonomy over her own body. Recognizing the crucial importance of this freedom, Dr. Kumar pledges to champion the cause at the federal level, working relentlessly to ensure that Congress enshrines reproductive freedom as a fundamental principle in federal law.
Dr. Kumar holds a deep-seated belief that our children's education represents the most significant investment we can make in our nation's future. His commitment to this principle is evident from his tenure as a member of the Wayne State University Board of Governors, where he played a pivotal role in initiating "The Michigan Promise." This program promises tuition-free education to Michigan students hailing from families earning $70,000 or less annually. With a vision extending beyond state boundaries, Dr. Kumar, in his capacity in Congress, aims to pioneer legislation that guarantees accessible education and skills training for the middle and working class, ensuring they can pursue their educational dreams devoid of the crippling weight of personal debt.
Dr. Kumar's economic vision is deeply rooted in the empowerment of small businesses. He sees them as pivotal drivers of the economy and is committed to their growth and prosperity. A staunch supporter of unions, he intends to champion the PROACT legislation in Congress, in keeping with his dedication to worker rights and protections. His proactive approach to economic development is evident in his recent establishment of a Surgery Center in Sterling Heights, which is creating 50 new jobs for the district. In 2008, Dr. Kumar spearheaded a collective effort of doctors to save the then-failing North Oakland Medical Centers Hospital, successfully retaining 450 union jobs in the process. That institution now operates as Pontiac General Hospital, a beacon for mental health services in the community. Furthermore, highlighting his unwavering commitment to union rights, early in his career, Dr. Kumar established the first of its kind union for medical residents.
Dr. Kumar firmly believes in the profound connection between the health of our planet and the wellbeing of its inhabitants. He recognizes that environmental degradation has direct repercussions on us, affecting everything from the quality of air we breathe to the purity of the water we drink and the food we consume. With an understanding that such ecological imbalances can adversely impact our health, economy, and overall quality of life, Dr. Kumar is also firm in his belief in human-made climate change. For him, nurturing a thriving planet isn't just an ecological pursuit but a prerequisite for sustained human prosperity and well-being.
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